Machines for Forming Helical Sections for Augers, Large Diameter CFA & Conveyors

If your requirement is for a simple to use, robust machine that produces true helices consistently across your whole range of designs, then this is the machine for you. 

The machines form materials from 2mm (1/16") to 40mm (1 5/8") thickness. Pitch of 100%+ of Outside Diameter has been tested across a wide variety of materials and designs with consistent results. Because the machine is only interested in pitch, there is no limit to the diameter or the design of the flights you can form within the capacity of each machine. 


The machines are simple to operate, usually by just one operator, simple to maintain and do exactly what you expect them to do, with superb repeatability.

The machine is operated from a rear mounted, clear view console where the entire forming process is controlled with the touch of a button. There is no complex software and therefore no costly licencing charges either. The touch screen HMI can store 100 helix recipes and is only interested in pitch, making it the simplest machine on the market today, packed with features to speed production without compromising quality.

There are six machines in the Long Pitch Range starting with the HF30LP with a thickness limit of 10mm (3/8") and at the top end, the HF100LP with a thickness limit of 40mm (1 5/8").

The Helical Former forms left or right with equal precision without mechanical jaw changes and without the need for dies. Select LH Pull or RH Pull from the touch screen HMI, and the Helical Former is ready to go.

Shaped jaws allow small Internal Diameters, and the Helical Former forms with equal precision over very large Internal Diameters with equal precision, including ribbon sections. Interchangeable jaw blades take minutes to slot for custom work, or pitch in excess of 100% and our design assistance is free.

This range forms helices to specification in a single synchronised forming action without percussion, hands free and with speed. Dual axial drives and fully synchronised lateral actuation ensure that the forming process is smooth, controlled and accurate, time after time, all at the push of a button.

Specific customisation is not a problem with this range, and because of the dual drive forming process, longer stroke length for very large diameter CFA is easily achieved. Likewise wider carriage design for pitch in excess of 150% is also no problem to accommodate. We have a machine to suit your business needs and give you scope to grow.

  • Say goodbye to dies and time consuming jaw changes. The Helical Former can form your entire range of helices without any change to the mechanical setup.

  • Say goodbye to dangerous hands on forming processes. The Helical Former has a hands free forming process 

  • Say goodbye to labour intensive forming and human error. The Helical Former has a stroke speed of a meter (39 1/2") per minute.

  • Say goodbye to noise and dangerous moving parts. The Helical Former is non-percussive, near silent, and forms smoothly in a single stroke in a hands free clear zone.

  • Say goodbye to inconsistent production output. The Helical Former produces helices with superb repeatability time after time.

  • Say goodbye to costly servicing and maintenance. The Helical Former is designed plug and play with a minimum of wearing parts, and needs no specialist servicing or maintenance.

  • Simplicity is key. Simple to train on, simple to use, simple to maintain and simple to service, there really is no other machine like it available today.

All of this makes the Helical Former the first choice in helical forming machinery. With machines in operation globally, we have the track record and the results to back our machinery with confidence.

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